Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders

that we're all in this together.  - Brené Brown

In the end, our healing journey always begins with a brave admission: We all have brokenness. Beneath the surface of our busy schedules and social media feeds, all of us have wounds and relationships that could use a healing touch. Thankfully, you do not have to navigate the stormy, uncharted waters of your healing journey alone! As a counselor, my role is to equip and empower you to live more fully and freely in all aspects of your life. This holistic approach takes into account the emotions, psychological needs, relational dynamics, social context, and spiritual journey of every client we serve. We seek to meet you exactly where you're at with empathy, grace, truth, and relentless hope.


Anxiety & Depression


We serve adults and teens (Ages 12 & up). Our integrated approach to counseling takes into account the unique heart, mind, soul, and body of each client we serve. This helps you integrate your spiritual journey, emotional well-being, trauma-history, and relational patterns as you courageously live into who you truly are! Here are few areas of specialty that shape our practice:

Trauma (Primary, Secondary)
Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Neglect, Sexual, Spiritual)
Suicidality & Self-Harm
Grief, Loss, Life-Transitions
Marriage & Family

Healthy Communication & Boundaries

Identity, Self-Worth, Shame

Biblical Framework For Healing

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Individual Therapy: $150 (60 minutes)

$185 (90 minutes)

Couples & Family Therapy: $150 per session

Group Therapy: $100 (90 minutes)

Payment Accepted: Cash or Check


As a private practice, we believe that counseling support shouldn't just be available to a privileged few. As our clients invest in their own healing, this enables us to extend support to homeless youth, trafficking survivors, and other vulnerable populations that typically cannot affording the healing resources they so desperately need. This "pay hope forward" approach allows each client we serve to be a blessing to others as they engage in their own healing journey.



At Hope & Harbor, go the extra mile to respect and protect our client's privacy and personal information. Here are handful of forms that we use to support the clients we serve.


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